Quality Assurance

The quality of a product does not strictly depend on coding standards, software specifications, or version control and continuous integration systems in place but is in the hands of the people who create, analyze, test and document. This is a team effort and, to get the best results, not a single component can be omitted.
In reality, quality assurance is often not considered a major activity in a software development organization, especially if there are budget constraints. Most software companies would prefer to have a programmer rather than a quality assurance professional if they need to implement or add features to the software with the idea that modern agile and test-driven development technologies guarantee high software quality without involving extra quality assurance engineers to the team.

However quality assurance is an important factor in the software development process.  Starting on a small software project can be satisfying with minimum or no bugs, but as the complexity grows the quality assurance factor has to be added either by outsourcing or by internal team. To guarantee the best quality, the full spectrum of testing should be performed starting from unit testing up to integration and usability testing, which requires specialized engineers on the team and cannot be done by programmers.

Quality assurance is not only executing the tests. It is a complex discipline with many activities: planning and creating test cases and test suites, measuring test coverage, test case automation, running manual and automated suites, providing reports, etc. All these activities require highly skilled resources.
Outsourcing is the next best solution to the problem of nonexistent or non-effective quality assurance practices. Surprisingly enough, most do not even know that quality assurance can be outsourced. Outsourcing your quality assurance activities can be seen as the first step to taking advantage of offshore/nearshore resources and Softwarium can provide resources right for your needs.
Our quality assurance services include a number of activities:

  • Functional testing
  • Usability testing
  • Stress, load and performance testing
  • Test automation
  • Regression testing