Extended Development Team

More and more businesses are choosing to establish their own long-term offshore/nearshore entities. In some cases this happens due to cost reduction, in some - due to lack of local highly qualified resources.

Softwarium provides customers with a turnkey package to create their own dedicated software development team in Ukraine. This dedicated, customized and secure offshore/nearshore software engineering team is tailored to specific IT and business practices, methodologies and culture of every customer while taking advantage of the shared knowledge, infrastructure and resources of Softwarium. This virtual extension of a customer’s organization allows it to leverage vast reserves of highly qualified IT manpower and a robust infrastructure at a highly competitive cost at the right time. It also allows focus on core competencies.

Softwarium will assemble a team of required engineers such as project managers, software engineers and QA team members that meet your needs at the time you need it. We can provide up to 4 (US) or 7 (Europe) hours of overlap time with your project team for day-to-day interactions.

This is our primary specialization, and we always work hard on establishing a long-term relationship with every customer that allows them to eventually set up their own development team inside Softwarium.

In short, your Softwarium team works as a virtual extension of your in-house team:

  • You will know each of your team members and they will work full time, exclusively on your projects.
  • You will have all of the benefits of a full IT department for just a fraction of the costs.
  • We will also save you many of the frustrations of running an in-house IT division.

We have established a fail-safe system that minimizes the risks and maximizes return on investment of outsourced development. Our managers and developers have worked with multiple clients in different regions and they understand that success of a project depends on mutual understanding, trust and commitment.