Dedicated Team

  • Team tailored to specific customer’s needs
  • Only one client per team at a time
  • Client-controlled hiring of team members (interviews)
  • Guaranteed team stability
  • Ability to replace team members on the go
  • Direct planning and control
  • Manager/team lead assigned on request

Softwarium can provide you with a turnkey package to create your own software development team in Ukraine. This dedicated, customized and secure offshore/nearshore software engineering team will be tailored to your specific IT and business practices, methodologies and culture, adhering at the same time to Softwarium’s internal processes and practices. This virtual extension of your organization will allow you to leverage vast reserves of highly qualified IT manpower and a robust infrastructure at a highly competitive cost.

With the highly competitive market proposing new sophisticated services nowadays a dedicated team service is attaining a very important role. Working solely on a selected project(s), a dedicated specialist is a professional to learn about the client's requirements and to meet them in the most efficient way.

Software development can be rather a time-consuming process. Thanks to Softwarium’s dedicated team model, notable for its transparent process, efficient solutions and effective communication, the risk for you to pay extra money is significantly reduced.

Softwarium’s dedicated team model was developed to provide a completely exclusive approach to your needs and maximum cost efficiency for your business. You can monitor progress via any communication media and online tracking tools and have complete control over the process. Softwarium’s dedicated team model is designed to create a framework that ensures successful long-term relationships with customers.

Each engagement contract for the dedicated team services is developed according to the client's requirements to provide the best cost effective solution for any given project. There are different ways for you to set up a dedicated team with Softwarium:

  • Start from a fixed-price project and evaluate our quality and management capabilities;
  • Start on a time & material model and rate our performance;
  • You can also cautiously grow a team starting at a minimum of one member.

Dedicated team is our primary type of service and we do our best to forge and preserve a long-term working relationship with every one of our clients.