Online scheduling application for automotive industry

Softwarium was contracted by US customer to design and build next generation of the scheduling application used by automotive dealers customers to manage their appointment with services. Not only the new version was required to be designed to provide performance and scalability but existing users and their data had to be migrated into the new application. Existing application was not designed for increasing workload and existing customers were complaining about service quality.

The new application was designed from scratch using modern web based technologies and with performance and scalability in mind. Additionally a lot of new features were introduced for both end users (making their appointments) and dealer employees that manage appointments. Support for new type of user – call center was added to allow smaller dealerships to outsource their call center services to external entities while still using the same appointment application.

The application integrates with automotive dealership backend systems providing intuitive web interface for users to schedule their appointments with just a few clicks replacing telephone-based scheduling with Internet technology that enhances the effectiveness and customer satisfaction of the dealership. The application handles the whole life cycle of the appointment starting from initial creation to close when service work is done. End users can monitor state of their appointments and receive notifications via different media – email, phone, sms.

The application provides a set of API allowing for external applications to integrate into appointment system, create and track appointments.

The application is implemented with .NET, ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL Server as a database backend.

The new application supports both vertical and horizontal scalability providing high performance service to end users and able to handle ever increasing number of dealers using the application.

The new version was launched providing considerable performance increase for growing user and dealer base. Rapidly growing user base allowed customer to secure a contract with American Honda Motors, Inc. to provide online scheduling services for Acura owners.


  • .NET Framework 4.0, ASP.NET, SOAP
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008, ADO.NET Entity Framework
  • Windows service
  • DexExpress

Integration with: Reynolds and Reynolds, ADP, GetAbby, IntegraLink, LigthYear, Arkona, Authorize

The application is integrated with Acura Owners site and is used as one of the preferred Acura appointment scheduling services.